Friday, November 19, 2010

All my malice

You are the benefactor of years n years of caution
I'm the road less traveled and hair less styled
good bad and all those close but not so touching in betweens
you'd like to paint me that
Chum, buddy, pal, friend...
I'd like you to know...I wish you the best
All that can ever be said has
and all that ever will be is already in motion
the free fall is exhilarating and there is no room for waiting
no time for debating
So I implore you to resist your
(good god there might be children reading)
^^^if they are^^^
Let me say this and that
THIS:Is a man who takes chances, breaks hearts, does his best to mend them, and hopefully never break them again.
THAT:Is half a man who doesn't have the stones to even call and insult you
Nope just throw stones from a far
gossip about my life like its the hot topic of substance
Eye to eye more then a few times
except you set it up so that not a humble word would smash on your pride
You be the locomotive
I'll be running on them train tracks
lets see who first will collapse
Don't get sloppy?
Making you seethe is one of my more natural hobbies
Far far away and out of the blue you just need to wish me off and say HEY!
but you know in your not so subtle way
man....'s been a long while since I've had to read any of your writing
(you think there might have been some improvements)
Let's hope this blunt ass back hand makes it a lot longer
I live to loathe you
But instead I'll hope to let it all go
and watch something better grow
Best of luck sir! If you believe in that sort of thing...

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