Thursday, November 18, 2010

On The Road prt 1

Shot out of some sort of circus cannon, racing towards Florida in what has to be the sickest car I've ever had the great fortune of driving, and I'm on a timetable like I've never known. I have ruffly round 20 hours to make what the directions are telling me is a 21 hour drive but I get the feeling like it just might be o.k.

So Teddy helps me pack up the pimpalicious ride, I get my snacks in order, and begin peeling back the miles. The always talented bassphreak has provided me with my own personal mix to start my journey on and I'm happy to blast it loudly. The past week had just been a blinding mess and I'll do my best to not bring it into this. However, I'm going through moments, thinking of things I could of said, laughing at the things I did, and tearing up as I see her fade away in my rear view mirror. Fret not love, I'll be back, and finally with the right mind to stay in your comforts. Not along side them, hiding, in the burbs, and visiting on weekends. No, I think this time, I'll have a couch for people to do just that, and watch it all come round full cycle...yeah I like that thought...NO! you can't come!

Not to long into my drive I get a text from one of them. She's extremely sad and wondering how I manage to always keep it together. How I always seem so very happy and keep everyone in great spirits. I decide texting while driving isn't going to be good so I engage in what would be a very long conversation. The young women I'm speaking to definitely suffers from manic depression. I struggle with this as well...These amazing HIGHS!!! soaring, coasting...LOOK AT THAT, hahahahhahahhhaha! etc! and then these lows that just bottom me out some days. She is a bit younger and from what I can tell has it to a much deeper extreme. I offer her a lot of advice, expression being the main one, and how writing has helped me out tremendously through the years. After my friends recent breakdown and the result I also make sure to mention that professional help might not be a bad route to seek when her vision becomes a bit to narrowed. Towards the end, we laugh, chat, and talk about the future. I get to marry her and her friend :D Two wives...I know and I'm not even Mormon.

Back to the matter at hand...

Have you ever driven through Indiana? SUCKS!!! so flat, boring, and at the time I'm driving PITCH BLACK! The tunes make up for it though..."Key to the City" was a top 5 favorite on my journey no doubt. Some others included...

Crying Over Pro's
All things Alkaline Trio
Alan Watts
Rise Against (the louder the better)
Heaps and Heaps of Drum and Bass: Pendulum, London Electricity, Krott, Broken Note, Umomz
Blue Scholars @ Sunrise...yes sir
Caravan Palace: a nostalgic throw back to the last time I drove this stretch
Tom Petty: Wildflowers album
Aesop Rock
All things DOOMTREE
When Life Gives You Lemons...
Mixes by:Bassphreak, TMY, Bit[c]rush, Dottcom, and LAZERSWORD (yeah still)
....the list goes on and on

I had brought with me a copy of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" read by Matt Dillion to listen to but I decided against it. First listening to audio books can cause some snooze factor and since I didn't have anyone to switch out with that wouldn't be good. Second and probably most importantly I wanted to re-read the book, not listen to it, and I had specifically set it aside during my packings. I love this book, I'm half way through it again, and it's a true inspiration in my life. Whenever I'm going through a large transition I enjoy reading it and reliving that crazy mans life. I hope to one day write something in the vein of and give back to something that gave me so much.

Cruising along, just crushing the miles, and getting way ahead of myself. I start to lose steam and somehow I still have one last capsule of my love/hate relationship in my backpack. Where I'm going to is a farewell to a lot of things but none more serious then to all the various substance I take. I don't consider myself the type of person who "abuses" drugs, I definitely take my fair share but abuse has never really been what I'm about. However, through these passing months my intake has become more then I would care to mention. I get a free place to live down in Florida and one of the few rules my father has is a strict zero tolerance rule. Sometimes, life puts you right where you need to be when you need to be there, and then again other times life puts you in the middle of a drive by shooting. I'm gona go with the positive frame of mind and enjoy my lapse into sobriety.......relapse into alcoholism......:D......and not plaster my opinions about drugs all over my fathers extremely nice walls.

Soooo...a few songs thump by and I get that really good feeling in my gut. This gives me the idea to start working on some drills for my digits and I'm really glad I had this thought. This will definitely keep me awake long after the little capsule wears off and I've been meaning to balance out my practice habits. I've become crazy right hand dominated as of late and would like to gain some more control on my left. So I go about drilling a few motions with my right and then seeing if I can duplicate with my left. This also helps kill the boredom that is Indiana....
....Funny thing about Indiana, I use to drive here all the time to visit my X-wife. One time I even got to hit up Indianapolis and boy howdy is that place jumping...shooot! stores and bars open to 9p.m. they even got them talking pictures you've heard so much about. I HATE THE COLTS...CAN'T STANDY INDY RACING!!!...PLEASE SELL THIS STATE TO SOMEONE COOL. I think Johnny Dep could do a lot of good to Indy...i kid

Are you bored...are you interested? Should I continue? I will...whether you answer those questions or not. I just need to get some shut eye...till next time.

OH! and you...Yeah you fucking tool shed! I know...I'm childish and should really read my own posts, etc...but what I find so funny is that you read them. Everyone needs an adversary, so I'll gladly take you on as mine because if you knew anything about me...I have very few! This is not to say I don't have my fair share of people I butt heads with but I don't know to many people who share the same view you have towards me. Happy trolling hoe bag and please feel free to preach to me about Karma again. Trust! Me! I've seen first hand the thing that come about when I stray from being a "good boy"...I believe...I'm human like the rest...and actually "all to human".

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