Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I knew I moved to here for a reason...


He comes home and it's him and I...somehow we get locked into that eternal struggle that will more then likely define the both of our lives.


I tell him just what the underground scene means to me...

Freedom, expression, YOUTH, veritility, a means to freely express myself, no more fake plastic people, and some of the most original fiends I've ever seen.

I go back up into my room to creep some minutes off this Adobe project I've been drifting through and he comes up with a...

"would you like to come down, sing some songs, and drink some drinks with me..."

It's on and I know it is as soon as I hit ctrl+s (thanks Kai)....I get down stairs and my father begins constructing his teal potion. It's mostly vodka and it hits the pallet ever so right. We sit down on the love seats in his man cave and begin the evening festivities!

However, before this all starts, before the drinks, I beging digging and find a lot....

I don't want to give to much because my father is a private man but...
He tells me about the madness that was Korea!
his best friend who eventually ended up serving life in prison because he killed his two kids and waited for his wife to come home. He tells me about little one bedroom apartments, bootlegging booze, and his walks through the underbelly that would some day be his son's stomping grounds. We laugh and then eat Chinese, my step mother comes home at this point and everything takes a softer turn.

She does that naturally ya know...
Such a great women, so much care, comfort, and ultimately two ears that make me glad I was born with lips. She listens to us roosters crow and laughs like it's all what is the need to know news. I'm really glad I made this leap, thus far, thinking about the impending holidays, my friend coming to stay from Orlando, and all these crazy dreams I seem to stack across my screen.

So we get to drinking...I learn about the chilli peppers, some country, hair metal, and other things I wont' dare to mention. We drink...yes! and on a school night! I even get him to stay up past 10 o'clock!!! I always knew I was a terrible influence on those I loved most but it took shacking up with my father to really help me come close to that understanding.

I'm really looking forward to the next couple of days...

My grandmother!!!
Ohhhhh man!!!!! the hug I plan on putting on her...all the pain I've felt these past months, all the hurt. I'm sure she'll wipe it all away with one firm clutching. My aunts B-day is arriving soon and i hOPE to bring her something unique and not a moment to soon. These next two months are all about what I moved here for! FAMILY!!! not to say I didn't have them up around my front door...that front door that often greeted me with a crazy cat...JJ...yeah you dude!!! I miss our walks meng...But family! Like blooooooooD, the people that twitch the same way I do, preach the same politics, and continually work to better the same things I do.

I hope you are ready for them...

Its been way to long for me...All the fill in families...THANKS!!!!

This year however, i get my little sister, aunts, uncles, father, etc....The things I've clutched so hard to want. No lies, tears stream from my eyes...maybe its the Aphex...or maybe it's the realization that dreams realized come long after time put in dissecting the lies we live through what we hope will one day surprise us as the truth...ya know...the opposite of black friday lies!

So please...toast those you love the most, and rid off that impending ghost! Because this next month is about the things that matter most!

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