Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just So You Know

I'll miss you
from the sunrises
to the orange surprises
the lack of color in our eyes
oh & all the laughs
People who allow me to be me
good, bad, from the ugly to the lovely
I've never had a group of peers who didn't judge me
Don't worry...
I've got all the bracelets (or so i thought)
all the secrets
the painful things
the trust
& all the in betweens
Back bone of a broken scene
I high five all you vertebrae
& leave little forget me nots
In the places we loathe the most
these words, let em act as a toast
or the continual nagging of my ghost
Each one of YOU!
there is a lot of good to be said about
& I thank you for never ever once publicly acknowledging my doubt
Ya'll were my rocket fuel this past year
& let me tell you...
I blasted off somewhere so far...
Mmm hmm past Mars
& I'm never coming down
Off to roam, alone, with headphones and a back pack
But I assure you I'll be back
to battle the wack
Plain the opposite of black

Thanks for the couches
nights on futons
a group where I felt I belong
all the handfuls of shampoo
conditioner late night/early morning trips to your bathrooms
The globs of minty mush
that I applied to my brush
to keep this rotting mouth
from becoming like my childhood house
For the free eats
For letting me bump "beats"
thanks for a million memories with dilated pupils
I'll miss you much to much
off to find my what
& I hope you do to
And we keep in touch through
The shifting of many moons
to the unique the savy the few
I just need to thank you
for being you
& the generosity you so kindly spew
I built myself a nice view
Poured me some bitches brew
Sipped it & brought to life dreams I never dared knew
Largely because of you
Sometimes a washer & dryer
other times rides & talks through live wires
Before my clock expires
I doubt I'll ever find so many people I hold higher \
I love you & am forever in your debt
You kill my regret
& have me pushing to whats next
These friendships I love & will never forget

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