Monday, December 14, 2009

Friends & Skateboards prt1

I headed out on friday night to catch Ninja assassin with the dopest assassin I've ever met. I had spent most of the day in a fuzzy haze. Way to ready for this school semester to be finished and trying to put something together for my weekend. I headed out and lined up my evening on the way to the movie.

HAhahahHAHA! Ninja's hugging?!?!?!??!?!? Swat teams storming hidden ninja sanctuaries??!?!?!?! The actions scenes were dope but yeah, they sure made my people look like weak sauce. RPG's+Ninja Fight Scene=WIN!!!
Two ill ass ninja's parted ways with mid fives and waves

I try to hang out with my two friends, in sledgewedge and get informed that they must babysit this evening. LAME!!! But, she's a great sister that should be around them as much as possible. Positive influence is what rules the world we live in. Our inner as we approach the outer are dangerous if polarized.

We were suppose to head out to this After Dark show case at the Art Institute. I hate Modern Art...LOATHE modern ArT, but i sort of dig the new wing they added onto our museum. A friend of mine invited me via the book of faces and I was off to the races. I show up WAY WAY underdressed, stressed, instantly stressed, but I fish through this crowd of artists and art lovers. I smell a richness thats only inhaled at croquet games with dignitaries of the most diluted kind. I just don't know, there seems to be many factions in the art community, but it does seem like the rich ones are extremely pretentious. I kept wondering all the while I pinged and ponged where within the artsy sub culture did I belong. I tried dancing and I mostly got laughed at a lot, even got some cautious looks from my good friend that invited me there. So i decide to take a break, buy a dollar glass (the size of three dixie cups(those really small cups by water coolers)) of sprite, pick out some snacks, and creep out the only girl who seemed like she wasn't horribly freaked out by me. Snacks go down smooth, the girl runs away real quick, and I do believe I talked to myself for a few minutes. I took a few more spins round the gallery, with no delay anxiousness crept in and I forced myself into the windy city weather.

Hopped over a few streets to possibly surprise my friend susu. Sadly, I arrived to the mall just as they were closing the doors for the night. No sweat though, just flipped back up my hood, took out my blues harp and hurried along back up to millennium park. Passed to young men standing outside the train station. They shouted as I past about laying some of my harp down so they could rap over it. I stopped went up to them and start beat boxing. They broke out into some rhymes and then when they were done I broke off half of a weak 16. Standing in one place was making me cold so I dipped and jaunted towards the ice rink. Round and round they went, some losing focus and sliding across the surface on there stomachs, laughing can be heard over faint car horns.

Make it back to my car, breeze down the ole LSD to a head shop to cop a dope piece for my homies B-day. Then I get some directions from a reformed hippy and this leads me on a 45 minute adventure to find this warehouse party. Rap, rap, liquid, digify, the enitre ride, and then park my silver beauty round the block. The party starts off slow but there is this girl I keep trying to get to know there. She keeps trying to talk with me but her harpies are on tight control tonight. We meet here and there through out the eve when they wander to far. She reminds me of a China doll with raspberry ruby lips. Graphic design, an urge to grind, and I don't mind. Close to her clavical when the head harpy swoops by and scolds her friend for wandering off. I flip her off and make my dancings less erotic and more funky. The power goes out and the party crashes to a halt. I didn't even get to see my guy DJ and leave feeling a bit defeated by my evening. I was going to do a little urban camping but after how things had already been heading I head home.

I decide on the drive back I was going to just keep it low key, ya know conserve for the holiday season. The next day passes fast, a lot of Call of Duty, Rhyming with Jong, and cracking jokes with the Wood Boys. The night starts calling and I give it little fight. I give in quickly, head out to this rave/toy fundraiser near where I use to break faces with words.

I enter, smell the smoke, the weed, the nicotine, and the artificial fog. I must have been early because no one is really there yet. Little dancing, some flirting, and a shit ton of networking later I've gathered a group of strangers. I know most of them but they don't know one another. I have 5 hits of LSD and disperse them amongst these peeps. One girl I gave it to because it's her b-day, one guy because he's a fun friend to party with, then there was these two skater kids that I've been becoming friends with over the course of six months (ones my body double/bullet shield), and finally yours truly. We toast n dose...everyone but the two skaters become ghosts.

The party gets over way waaaaaay to early, we crash a local promoters house, where people inhale air as fast as they can, and I cry...only on the inside. However, before my heart can get to heavy I get to chill with an old friend of mine. His name is Rocky and he's a beautiful little pup I use to walk after raves. So much energy and still a handsome little man, so glad he's still in good hands. Our welcome get's over stayed, I catch this hobbit before he fishes, fades, and freaks me the fuck out. I FUCKING HATE Nitrous, I try not to judge, but I can't help but hate what it does to these young kids I see every weekend.

So mass confusion goes down and I end up with this girl in my car. My skater friends whom I was suppose to shoot a video with get sketched out as I walk someone to their car and bolt. Leaving me as I said with "this girl" in my car. I track them down and the main dude I know hops in my ride to take me to her house. The drive is long and intense. I steal some beers from her as she heads up the walkway. Back in the car I look to my friend and say something about how I fucking hate him. How I'm losing faith in people more and more everyday and him and his friends aren't helping. We go back to his town and none of the guys that agreed to go skateboarding will come out. What's worse is he can't get a board to use because it's at one of the said dudes houses.

I decide in a moment of haste to head over to my friends house that is WAAAAAAAY south. I figure she'll have a board and where I wanted to shoot was over there anyways. Oh also I wanted to introduce my two friends into this here my body double. Have him help keep some of the riff raff off these fine young ladies. We stop at a burger king to get food, mill over going inside for a few minutes, half park, laugh, then go through the drive through, laugh some more, put the car in park to think, ya know really take our time, and then finally order. I grab coffee to go with the candy canes, and stuffed animal I'm bringing to surprise my friends with. We stake their house out because it's still a little early for people to be up. Only us, riding this 12 hour white knuckle thrill ride, travel miles to dine at the most magnificent BK, and wait to make two girls day. I eat my french toast sticks with zeal and enthusiasm...Score points for the inventor of tater totts. I open up my door to the morning winter air and I swear.....

Please stay tuned for the rest of this exciting tale...Danger most certainly lurks around the next corner.

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