Sunday, December 20, 2009

My heart...

So this weekend...went from train wreck to just careless disrespect.

The show I planned to shine at had me feeling half as nice about more then a few things in my life. Then the parties I was suppose to vend @ to fund raise some dollars for my dance conference all pissed on my face. Communication being what it is amongst these heathens, I keep my tongue tucked way far the fuck back, and keep breathing.

Twice the heart of any of you blood sucking balloon huffing adolescent crushing creatons. TWICE THE TACT. TWICE times twice the amount of love and dedication to what this scene is suppose to be build upon. Thieves that whole lot of you. But after this nasty urine smell gets washed off my half broken body, I'm a grab a shotty, in the form of my man Dotty, and were coming to TAKE YOUR PARTY!!!

Think, be, do, and maybe believe that your making a difference. But make it into my arena and attempt to go a friday night...Not even Sat...or all the grinding that gets done in the wee hours till sunday eve. YEAH, THAT'S ME!!! Chasing the unseen, putting it together, building an amazing team.

If you haven't noticed...people sort of like me, I don't know, could be all the nice things I do for them and the people that bring out the great music we all dig hearing so much. I hope we can begin coexisting a bit more peacefully but I doubt it. Your after dollars at any cost. I'm after sustaining a culture and pushing my art.

What's an idealist to do!!!

I'll take pot shots at the wicked. Kick out the curl of there grimace. Give iT 120% BECAUSE I KNOW NO OTHER WAY!!! HELP OR GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY!

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