Friday, December 25, 2009

Savior of my words

Shes sweet
a sweet heart
i believe's
She completes
a brilliant part of me
a brilliant bunch of freaks
and squeak
misgivings & bitter livings to ligthen up the week
Shes unique
and tweeks
the beats
till my intrinsic rhythms peak
I see
What could be
in widescreen
Real time actually
When she speaks
Time creeps
all to quickly
laughs to slap shut a laugh track simply
Shes stunning
truly something
soon to be
The ever pressing positive motion that makes this world better by the day
The imbalance to balance out the imbalance and instill back some gray
She sways
And I'm in tuned to that visage lead a stray
by her playful ways and hopes of kisses
a better way, shes, a better way
Helping me smile about all the near misses

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