Friday, December 18, 2009

Martial Law

This is a new song I've been working on this week. Going to perform it @ the Penny Road Pub...Dubstep Massif!!!

The day television stops
You can find me driving round chucking moltov's at cops
bucking back shots
taking over block after block after block
weapons will be rocks
bats, pipebombs, & tomahawks
Chainsaws double fisting jet black & gold glocks
Militant as I'd previously
dreamed to be
reveling in the
Screams of these fiends
that for to long have been cushy
in plushy seats of Authority
See me & my ruthless team
straight out a warriors scene
see we pillage and seize
Vantage points to take on the Army, marines, airforce and eventually the navy
Pushing tyranny out to sea
so we may once again see
Our american dream
One of Unity
One of Equality
No more control by an unseen minority
You know what I mean? FREE!!!
Free to not live for the green
but just live and be green
Truly the way it was meant to be
You-Her-Him-I-We x10
A liberated country x 4
land of the aware, land of the awake
Land of the aware, land of the awake, home of the brave, LAND OF THE FREE!!!

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