Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A life in the day of...

So i wake up in the back of my car, sweating, and the windows are just all types of frosted over. It's the middle of winter up here in Chicago. Sometimes I like to do this thing I call urban camping. Most people look at me funny, offer me couches, and laugh when I tell them what I like to do from time to time.

The general purpose of these "camping" trips is to help me conserve money. The year 2010 will take more discipline and fore site then I've ever had to exude. Yes, even more then when I was in the military, and as the final days of the year tick down I'm getting nervous. How this usually works is as followed.

...I bring this dank dank waaaaaaaaaay dank sleeping bag my good friend and roommate Mikey has. Crazy thermal and as I learned this morning can make you sweat in the middle of the winter. Some pillows, notebooks, books to read, my blues harp, and other toys to keep me occupied while I drift off under the shield of my silver beauty. I love my car so much and she loves finding dope views in the city to pass out at; a change of scenery from the driveway.

I climb out of the bag like a stiff caterpillar stinking of weed. Inside one of my two pillows (by pillows I mean, puffy military bomber and brand new bears hoody) I stashed my herbage, some late night paranoia after the previous days events. Obviously I didn't learn well enough, but enough to take some precautions.

First stop is to visit a local promoter that I go way back with. He's a good fella and I'm hoping through these colder months will be able to do some work together. He hands me a size able stack of flyers for the impending new years eve party. I catch up on the mishaps of the previous weekend and fill him in on mine. Parting ways with daps and such, I hop into my ride and kick up sludge.

Today is going to be all about, spreading the good word about our flourishing underground scene. Trying to bring back some of the older heads back to the table. I'm also promoting a party for in my opinion one of the best crews in Chicago. Seismic bass is a pretty cool collective of party kids (adults though really) that have formed together to throw dope parties. They bring in different talent, have AMAZING sound, and always provide good extras.

I start my beat and sing aloud my tunes to the people on the street. It's frigid and the wind run past like stray bullets lightly shaving the exposed areas of my face. I smile through it all though and hope that these flyers I'm spreading around will bring about new life and blood to our scene. The past few days rattle round in my head and I pick out the best pieces. This is my attempt to salvage what can be from yet another implosion of my mind. Another year comes to a close and I'm wondering if I've gone forward or back. I know I've had a lot of fun but am I getting any closer to some form of personal contention.


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