Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everyone calls him a bitch

So yeah, most people I know disregard him as a lesser fiend, but wouldn't you know it in my life he actually means something. So now I'm forced to duel wits with a half wit and that just makes me nauseous.

However, if it's a game of wits, then I think I'm equipped to whoop his shit lickity split....ohhh god told myself I wasn't going to rhyme today :)

So now it begins, I tried to direct route, I tried the behind the back route, and now I'm going to try the replacement route. There are only so many solutions to an equation and he certainly isn't a complex one. I just know at this point in my life that going about it in a hostile manner is only going to increase his leverage in the situation. I want to take his legs out from him and have him wondering where his opportunity to make me look silly went.

So it begins...i'll keep ya posted ;)

The party came and of course we crossed paths...I didn't do anything to rash and I didn't involve our mutual friend in our words. I simply told the young man with a firm handshake that we wouldn't be doing what he wanted to do in this venue. If he really wanted to get down to the bottom of everything then I could take him out to lunch and we could talk things out...LIKE MEN!!! He said whatever and tried to break the ever strengthening grip I had on his hand. Hahhaha I'm like no no son, will be handling this sooner or later, when is up to you.

I don't like letting problems with people hang around. It goes from personal to a problem over a few months and whats worse is you lose site of what the real issue is. This makes things harder to resolve and oddly enough it makes tensions way way waaaaaay higher. Who I'm about and what I'm about these days means I can't have people running about with static coming out there mouths.

At the end of the party I've got my peeps all lined up and were helping with what we can. The rig they brought in was just intense and much to much for anyone of us to handle. I see him...the bitch boy in question and I walk over to get my shit that is right behind him. He doesn't move so i gently put a shoulder into him and re establish the dominance he for some reason thinks he has. After leaning down and getting my things along with everyone else's things I turn to him and say this.

"I love her man! No seriously I do." after I say that he sort of smiles and says yeah i know.
I then start in with "No I don't think you do, because one it's probably not the way you think, and it definitely isn't any type of love you've ever felt before." his expression goes to concerned and he begins to walk away. As he's leaving my presence I make sure to tell him how we will resolve this sooner then later. I get that vacant whatever look from him and have a thought that if Keanue Reeves needs a stunt double this kid is PRIME

I try texting him a few days after the party, I try calling, and I only get some texts back. Long story short he wants me to not talk to him anymore. Which means he wants to leave all this bullshit un-resolved. The only problem is I'm not ready to do that. So I'm gona let him get nice and settled into school (which if you ever do read this I'm sooooo glad your in man, really, I am) and then I'm a take him out to lunch so we can talk.

I know a lot about nothing but with all honesty, I know a lot about myself, and I try to lie to myself as little as possible. I surround myself with people who I feel will lie to me as little as possible. Over the years I've found, that it's over, when things get resolved and both parties are heard.

When your done sporting that extra hairy vagina son I'll be waiting. I know exactly what I need to say to you at this point and it won't take long. The real fun will come in what you have to say to me. I was told you wanted to talk but then I try to set it up and I get nothing. Lets not turn this into a dick measuring contest because I have a feeling I'm going to win. See ya soon!


So I guess I'm "The Cool Guy" or "Mr. Cool guy" in his world. Apparently everyone in our local rave scene dislikes me as well. HAhahaHAHhaha! Yes, that's right, everyone dislikes me dude. That's why I don't pay to get into parties, help throw them, and kick it with a variety of really cool peeps through out the scene. :D

I could see where and why you don't like me, oh and I can also see where I might be acquiring a group of people that dislike me, it's bound to happen when you act like me. However, the majority of peoples seem to dig me and what I'm about. You don't like me because I called you out on all your shit...well most, you won't meet up with me to finish burying you with my rhetoric because I'm sure your ever shrinking self image wouldn't with stand the damage.

I do believe you've been replaced and while it broke my heart to see it happen. It sure as hell made me glad to know that you probably won't be coming back round to fuck up her life again. She don't need it and if I have anything to do about it she won't ever go through it.

For those of you who don't know what type of person I am get to know me. Especially before certain people start smearing my name. I'm all to honest and for the most part very very approachable (just not when I'm dancing :) ) I'm the type to kick it with you for an entire weekend, on my dime, not ask for a thing, and hope that you won't in turn be an erroneous douche bag. I give everyone a fair shake, even if I hear nothing but bad things about them. I ask questions and observe, I hold people to there words and I hope that they do the same for me.

So Mr. Bitchbitch mic bitchingston...when you settle into your college semester and your little nads drop a few more inches get at me so we can settle this bullshit and at least get back to being neutral with one another. Because until then all my malice and negative energy will be directed at you and I know you don't want that. This is all a lesson in love sir, hopefully instead of talking shit you'll take notes.

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