Thursday, January 28, 2010

For you...

If I could I'd give it to you all
something tells me though you want to earn it
You want to wrestle that shit down yourself
The days you do...
I'll be something like the least passive observer ever!!!
Cheering from the stands,
Yep stands that I built with my own hands
Fuck it!
You see potential and explore the notion
Then that potential bulldozes you over with a rib breaking hug
It invades every avenue of your psyche
The days you don't...
I'll chase down whats left of whatever mess left you wrecked
I'll chase it down and bounce that shit like a check
Evil doers done best beware
From your those non-splitting hairs
to the conversations locked in stares
I hope you always know how much I care...really, deeply, truly, CARE!

If for some reason...
...I dread the thought of such a season

We part can find me and I'll still be your biggest fan
Your humble servant
Your pale plain pasty pied piper
We start days...hours apart, but I'm pretty sure synchronized are our hearts
You to me
From she and he

They lost out and look what we found
Dazzled by the here and now
the flashes of wow
make me vow..................

Anything with in reason
Everything till I quit breathing
Just please never stop believing
In this magical world topping feeling

Turn a trillion paupers into prince's
just save a dance for this jester and his endless bag of mischief