Friday, January 15, 2010

January out of a gun shot

Peeeeeewwwwwwwww Peeeeewwwwwww

Shooting by, like hot full metal jacket rounds, the problems, the possibilities and this urge to do more. The amount of flyers I handed out for that party was just ridiculous, the people that helped me get those flyers out are FUCKING priceless and the list goes like this...

Ms. Fox
Gramaphone records
Kai guy
Tommy GUnz
Delila Santos

Most importantly I'm a take a rare second to pat myself on my back. Don't know if you have been keeping up on the weather round these parts but it's been a tad silly and way way to chilly. New world record for shattered nipples per city block, yeah, like that and double the cloud coverage because of all that heavy breathing. Still though, there is a job, it must be done, and I've managed to find ways to make it fun.

I did my runs, went on the dinners, the lunches, the meet ups, the hipster parties (never again(they seriously had hair cutting stations there, seriously!)), and all the lovely underground parties through out chicago this past month or so. Those delicious blue berry parties practically passed themselves out for a few reasons...........please follow me bellow to those reasons.


1)The line up was fantastic!!! 90% of all my favorite locals would be playing, the rest in attendance, and then they threw this nice versus concept over it.
2)People love Blueberries...seriously, No one got mad during Willey Wonka when the girl got turned into a blue berry because they were thinking she is hooked up everyones gona love her now.
3)Seismic Bass & Shake-it Town! I'll explain this in further through out this post...I work for free for a reason and beyond that, I work really hard for an even better reason.

I've been back in the Chicago underground scene now for almost 2 years. I've missed it and found it in a whole different way this time. Ahahha AHAHHHhA! actually come to think of it, I had to be dragged there again by someone who loved the music more then me...thanks for that friend! Since I've been back I've been doing my best to build good relationships through out the scene so I can give back to a culture that his given me everything. The same things have changed into things that make me wish they were 1/2 as bad as I remembered them...wait, does that make sense. Well, fine, to clarify, shits fucked up! Not all the time but more times then I think some of us would like.

Still you can either bitch and moan about the way things go, or you can make a giant ass fruit salad and sell it through out the party. 2dollars a cup 1 dollar for refills, me on that mission, that idea, raise 10k by october and help throw some of the greatest parties Chicago has ever seen with some of the best promoters in the scene. This year is about blood sweat and tears and I've already begun with a much larger handicap then I'm comfortable with. So, see me on the street with that box, drop a dollar in, holler and help me blow up the spot. Towards the end I just gave out a bunch for free, I at least wanted to break even, and I did but MANNNNNN I need to figure out a way to raise this money.

When I first met rick of seismic Bass I didn't know how to take him. Energetic, passionate, and definitely all about the music. However, the first time I got to really get to know him was on the way to pick up liquor for Light It Up2! I had put some dough into that party and he had me around as he ran the last minute errands before the party. I won't say much because anytime you type something in this global communication box someone can twist it into menacing. I will say this though...
SLAMMING ASS ELECTRO MUSIC!!! Him speeding down and slow down ramp, fitting somehow between the curb and what should be the furthest right lane. I'm all white knuckles and a hostage victim smile and then I hear him say. "If my car fits its a lane".
I love Rick and I very much love Bob, since I've been back in the scene they consistently through great parties. They advance there audiences knowledge on music, have amazing visuals, and the sound....uhhh....I usually bring special pants, with no boxers, for the sound...yes!!! YES!!!! THE SOUND! it's glorious.

Local Flavor would be nothing short of awesome as well. My only complaint would be the venue but from what i heard there were problems with the original venue. There seems to always be problems with Chicago venues, not sure about other cities but round these parts keeping a venue open is hard to do...keeping it these days open past 3 Am is near fucking impossible. We here in the windy city roam the after parties, hearing stories of yester years when slamming ass sound would go till 6am at some parties with no interupption. Ah the glory days! Raise your glass if your "Old School" and remember the rocks at 10 in the morning :) k off the soap box!

Another stray bullet and we find ourselves in a corner of the party at a point in the party that no one will ever remember but this was said.
"Dude, lets go to Cream!" and me enthusiastically replying "YES!!"
I'm an idiot for lesser things but man, a man lost amongst his own ideas and good intentions has never sought out truth more persistently then I because I be that very guy...however...the party!

Bit[c]rush- YEs!!! sick...blackhole sun...PropaMissy...and Yes I run New York...Well i run chicago too and some smaller city down south. I can't wait to see the mayhem this guy brings to the Chicago music scene while he's still here. Remember pictures with bit[c]rush cost 50 dollars, i will smash your phone!!!

Dotty- Sneaking the dubstep in!!! that's all I'm gona say! HAHAhahhhAHHA The sound got wack tastic due to the fuzz and that sucked but hearing those womps in between D&B was priceless.

There was so much good music there but I wasn't back there rocking with it and since this is my blog...FUCK YOU!!! nah the list goes
The Don
Mr Kennex
Props for holding down your city properly and giving everyone great tunes to move to.

The party was packed and it seemed like everyone had an amazing time. I was locked in one hell of a battle from not talking to you the way I normally do. Yep, you, hahhahaHa, not to say things have run there course between us. Just that I knew specifically what I wanted to say to you, to hopefully get your brain to do back flips the next day like you've told me in passing i have before. I wrote what couldn't be fit into the little time I had to express myself. I don't know if you understand the anxiety I get before I see you. Personification and I positive at this point its more then just poetic. I managed this time around, even with us both being in our impaired states, and the days after I felt less scattered...however greatly unsatisfied.

I round up some of my friends after the party and we hop to an afters. I was told that Keith Mckenzie and Heavy Grinder were going to be playing there. I guess being under the influence left me open to the most diabolical of all rave traps. However we turned it into a great time and shared many laughs. The music was good, got down with tommy, and had an amazing talk with a friend. There are things we both may never know but the thing we do know is Love. Let's keep it simple pimple and see what the fucks up.

After the afters was a relaxing movie fest at my place that left my favorite hoody smelling like a gunshot to my head and heart...seriously in a good way, I mean it, I'm just violent or should I say have a violent mind. Wake from who knows how little of slumber snuggled up next to greatness. The gang and I pack into the ride to pick up my buddy way west, then we drop my body double of at the Oil shop, the buddy we picked up west we drop north, and then...yes I'm crazy! but since the beginning of the year I've been on a roll. I let her drive, greatness, I let her drive my car home. She wants to get her licenses soon and I want to see her get it, so MAYBE, she can pick me up for a party...hahhahhhha doubtful! Aside from almost killing us during the merge onto the highway she drove my lady well. Got us to our destination where after a few bowls I passed out in another place other than my new couch bed.

You should have seen her sleeping when I woke up though...whoa!!! hahahahahhhhah how could you ever cheat on her? How the hell could you ever do anything but shower her with honest affection and let her heal your heart. Oh well! Two great days started at the site of that monstrous melon and I head out to pick up my body double that I brought back to his house not 16 hours previously. I wish I had a hover craft because the miles are adding up on my car.

This story keep going but I've been plugging away at these keys for to long, so I'll put a...


right there but chances are I wont and if I don't feel free to ask me what happens next the next time you see me. This way I'll know you read it and you'll get a much more animated telling of your favorite parts.

Peace and Love

January Continued...

So yeah...the name of the party was Subhuman and Dottcom and I had been working our asses off for it. He got me on the flyer with him and that's really all I want. Some recognition so people will take me seriously, so when we do are thing, we can do it well, and get people into the music. I worked hard right up until the day of the party. However once the day came, that was time for me and my bestest to kick it on his bday. I had a whole killer day lined up...just the three of us...our psychedelic Eiffel Tower if you will. Kai, Alice, and Me...just like old times. We goto the Harold Washington library, the hancock, trespass ontop of this parking garage and finally end up at the blue man group. I love my friend so much and it was nice to show it to him in style for his bday. His wonderful girlfriend picks us up to goto Subhuman and I begin to put on the plainwhiteTom costume.

This night it consisted of a newly made WOMP WOMP cape in Honor of Dottcom. And a mowhawk that lasted like 20 minutes at the party. We get there at about midnight and shit is just PACKED...hahaha sweaty and smokey w/everyone pumped for Dotty to go on. I got my group of fans and friends there he's got all his people and there are a lot of fresh faces thanks to AutoAxon and his people.

We plug in but before we play, i have the whole party sing happy birthday to Bit[c]rush and he turns redder then the lovely girl I embarrassed on the blue line the morning after. Then after we get done singing, dotty starts slinging, fat ass bass line after bass line. Something about being a fucking gambler and oh yeah that one about getting some head!!! HAhahaha we have a great time, billy comes through with a blunt and we toast to the Nation. I thought my performance was sub par! I was coming towards the end of my trip and was feeling really introverted. Then I have to stare out at all these faces and think that I can read there thoughts. It was just a bad combo :) Still though had an amazing time and slammed with some amazing people. 5 DOLLARS DUDE!!! 5 DOLLARS! Recession my ASS

School has been really weird this semester so far. I think i've been to my math class maybe once and I dread the fact that I will be in attendance all five days this week. My other classes however are fantastic and I'm pumped like super pumped for my video editing class. Already taking to it like a duck to water...I never understood that phrase. There is a motivation to succeed, there is the will as well, but the love isn't there...My heart is somewhere else, i just want to get this math shit over with so I don't have to worry about it upon returning to academia in a few years.

Then there is this weekend...AAAAAHHAHHAHAHHA! whoa! It's almost like the broker I get the wilder the weekends I have. Got my heart broke to like a bazillion pieces, like I knew I would but man it was all in the name of a great cause. When I saw those to kiss, well, when I saw them kiss the way they kissed.........I knew she was going to be o.k. Like, order ya know, there was a balance somewhere in all this madness and she was going to be o.k. Because if you haven't been reading and your just following, she's everything to me, and her happiness is what it's all about. Her name is Stephanie and I'm pretty sure she's going to take over the world.

Three parties in two nights, a lot of promoting, a lot of dancing, a TON of writing, and a lot of pre-spring cleaning. Got to see a grip of friends all chill together who haven't been able to chill together in many months. Also got a new kitty to help keep my other kitty occupied.

I feel so blessed these days, super fortunate, and driven like never before. One more week to go in this crazy ass month. Hope everything is going well for you and yours. However if it's not, come kick it with me at a party and maybe we can brew up some solutions. WARNING!!!! I'm sometimes known to be OVERLY honest, like brutal, but why sugar coat shit. You want results and usually that comes with little reasoning at all, just cold hard cups of honesty and self reflection. WARNING!!!


What the holy hell...I'm going to write this conclusion into two different posts. I'll put the actual party up in keep with the theme but My good god, the adventure that was the next two days after...hahhahahha!

We all meet at HOME...This place, well, it's a special house, this year it's seen many a face. Some of you reading probably have smoked some herb there after a party, maybe kicked it there till monday...some of you might of let monday turn into the next weekend. That's all because of one Randiomous Prime, or Randy...who knows, ravers and nick names. He's got a pretty loose open door policy, some people take advantage of it, but for the most part it's a real chill atmosphere...or at least getting back to there.

I love that fucking house, LOVE IT, from 5minute chess games, to dancers nerding out till all hours of the day, and back around again for amazing people just kicking it. RANDY I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! oh and I love you.

So we all meet up there, Myself, Tommy, Randy, Kai, and Nereida. We drive out towards the Wisconsin Dells. By all accounts I should not be going out with my floasis family this weekend. I have no money till Monday and I'm already in the hole once that money comes. Nereida being the queen she is, springs for me to come out, and I'm all to glad. We have some dancers that live up in those parts, most specifically one of them (Zero(that's his name)) always comes down to visit us and this was my first real chance to go visit him. Yep yep, packed in the car, tunes a bumping, and jokes a flying we ride towards the Dells. We stop off at Rockford and I realize that I left my fucking wallet in my car back at Randy's. There is a moment of shear terror, that I stuff down deep inside, and realize it's going to be just fine. If I can't get a wrist band or something I'll just kick it in the lobby and be like an outer party attraction.

We arrive in the dells and attempt to look for the candy shop I've heard so much good about. We end up parking in front of "wizard quest" and I begin to tell everyone that my friend sunshine won't shut up about that place. We start talking about what it could possibly be but no one cares because it's freezing outside and everything down the street looks to be closed up. I think this has to do with the fact that the Dells are crazy out of season right now. You can tell a place is hurting for money when they willingly let a rave be thrown there to generate some revenue.

Pilling back into the car we fumble with the GPS to guide us towards our destination. Randy spots some black light and swears that he knows where were suppose to be. Sadly, we trust technology only the end up later learning that Randy has a sixth sense for a bass needed. Un-loading from the car, we get our wrist bands (pheww), and meet up with Bob, Rick, Theo, and Twan...Seismic bass & Shake it town ASSEMBLE!!!

Nereida and Kai dip off for some foods, Tommy, Randy, and myself meet up with our friend Term from floasis and we kick it in Room 416. The mood is super chill, I guess the Seismic gang kicked it way hard the night before and were just chilling before the weekend really shot the fuck off. Theo plays me some tracks, smoke some bud, and bam it's back out into the hotel. I'm starting to get a little hungry so Tommy hits me with some loot and I head out to the BK lounge. I trip out some townies with my beatboxing in line and get myself two dollars worth of double cheeseburgers and a delicious milkshake.

Walking back into the hotel I pass a gang of smokers, this adorable wreck of what I couldn't seem to remember but now know I'll never forget, shoulder checks the fuck out of me and the game is a foot. I head back in as Kai and Nene get back, Zero shows up, and yeah...the gang is all there, the party starts to get going. I heard Swagga, right out the gate and get this feeling like tonight will be a magical one. Full of dancing, laughter, and of course Alice.

So i find a nice spot to come up and within a few minutes I'm joined by my peeps. Were staring through a see of ravers at some lush paintings on the walls. Just amazing shots of what the dells look like when not engulfed by the bitter chill of winters touch. I'm feeling just lucid enough to get up and start moving, when I start getting tracked by the girl who previously shoulder checked me. It's a funny game of Cat and Mouse but I have this feeling as if we've played it before. She is @ the party with a group of kids I know pretty well and we get to talking.

There are sparks sometimes when people first meet. ALWAYS, I MEAN, ALWAYS have been an at first site person. It really is true about first impressions and if you allow me to ask my questions...I don't see why I need more then one go round at your psyche. So I have this aching feeling like I know this lovely young lady, then again, I'm tripping, so whatever, will just see where the evening puts us and go from there. She's a fantastic flirt by the way, reversing shit on me, staring contest from 15ft out, playing nice, then mean, and yes yes all to crazy! If you ever do read this...YEAH it was you 2 years ago, verified, time dated and stamped. So next move is yours slick! Thanks for the dance and fuel for my pen.

The night is starting to build up and all rooms are in full swing. First there is this side banquette room that had pretty meh music all night. It was steady in the sense that if there was shitty music going on in the other two rooms you could kick it and listen to some half way decent tunes in there. Got one of the best massages in my raving career in that room and locked away a secret memory I hope to one day unleash on this poor unsuspecting soul. Second was the main room, this is where the headliners played, a drunk asshole with a plastic trumpet followed me around for a while just blowing it in my direction, the dance safe table was located, and all the surrounding rooms windows pointed out at. It's was just nuts, you had all this slamming as party in the hall and then you'd look into peoples rooms and there were more parties going on. Talking bout booty cheeks on windows, lasers bouncing off of lasers, and DRUGS!!! hahaha everywhere. Finally you had the pool room, which in my opinion was the best room out the entire party. Hot girls in bathing suits hoping in and out of the pool. Great music that fit the ambiance they set up in side there. Probably where we got down the most through out the evening. At the last 15 mins of the party tommy and I ran down there and got into the pool. We were suppose to both cannonball but uhhhh, someone bitched out...I'm not saying ne names but he has the same one as mine. There was a fourth room in the bar but I could see the cigarette smoke pouring out of there and was quickly like "Fuck No".

Seemed as if the party was a huge success! Not to many local authorities at the party, pretty steady vibe, GREAT MUSIC, and most importantly good people.

Everywhere you looked you saw flyers for parties, on the ground, on tables, on doors, in the bathrooms, everywhere...seriously. However, if you paid close enough attention you would have seen that there were juggernaut flyers on top of all those other flyers...AHHAhHAhHA. Rick and Bob promoted the fuck out of there party. People would just explode, like bump into one of them and literally explode into juggernaut flyers. Just up and down the halls...COME OUT, see how we do it, Bring that Spinnage! They came they saw they conquered. They also shouted me into the ground about how they missed who they came to see due to an unannounced schedule change. If you think you partied hard that weekend think again, these motherfuckers did it up and did it right. My favorite part was when bob picked me up from off his back spun me round till I almost vomited on the entire party. I enjoy working for and with those guys. Oh and if you don't know Juggernaut is coming Feb 20th...please don't make them come, find you, and flyer your entire residence.

January!!! WTF!!!

Seriously, just intense, every weekend...and well...this weekend will start February. So it's onto the next month but man, what a crazy start to the month. I've made a lot of new friends, picked up a few new readers, and overall feel great about the progress I'm making.

Here's to 2010 being MY YEAR...well...Your year too, just, ya know after you help me with me shit. This is our scene ladies and gents. How much you contribute is up to you, how much you care and nurture it is up to you. The rave scene has given me so much I'll never be able to repay it all in a single life time. So i teach others how to get involved and maybe together we can steer the scene back to where it once was...or shit even better; Create something new and beautiful that's never been seen before.

See ya in February!


  1. im so glad to have run across your blog man and id love to hear the rest of the story but seriously i got many a story to hear from you dont i.

  2. i got a million of them :)

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  3. Very nice. Feels like i somewhat get a taste of whats goin on in that dome of yours. Then again, you always feed me. :D <3