Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vomit this on a sandwhich

I feel like that piece of trash I passed on a frigid winter day
Sure I left it out in the cold and I'm sure it eventually found it's place
Passed on
Passed over
with no real hopes of seeing the waste basket
So this makes me suitable for none
Becoming increasingly numb
Luckily on this sidewalk others are the same
Left abandon in a world where up keep of our surroundings is lame
The wind takes me where I need to go next
Around steps
Stepped on by pets
So I might be a bit more animated then lets say the average begger
But I'm far from feeling like a lost love letter
Pass me by
Because it's the time of the year where everything dies
These are the coldest months
Where we shall seek solitude and reason
No time for street sweeping
I tumble round content as I watch the saga unfold
untold numbers calculate the cold
For what its worth
I'm sorry I made an awful mess again
but I try to keep in perspective the sort of bastard I've been

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