Monday, January 25, 2010

How to catch a fox :)

Slowly sliding down that railing
Smiling something comfortable
We trapse through a centuries worth of beauty & she's the most memorable
A feeling like free falling & like all good men I'm dependable
So I'll catch our conversations & take no liberties just hope to never become expendable
Day turns to night, we fight for Ipod control her selections are sense able
Walking through the bitter cold our laugther make the day unforgettable
From her side burn theories, to her dimples, she's surely, completely loveable
going with the flow & taking her life slow I'm thankful she's impressionable
Because our friendship will help more then ourselves & I'm pretty sure she'll help me reach my goal
Unity is hard to come by these days
but much easier with a pretty face
A peck on the cheek at our retreat
& I'm reminded of years ago on that beach
It just
isn't enough
to tuff
through these trying times
It just
isn't enough
to bluff
& act like everything is fine
I find
at this point of the grind
that great girls are the best allies
So I take them out show them a good time
& hopefully in time
We'll free the scene of all these thieves cashing in on our good vibes
& our good times
I enjoy the ride
back to the burbs my car purs as I
wave good bye to the city skyline
She may shrink from view but her lights always sparkle and blind
in my mind

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