Friday, January 29, 2010

Meth...I never knew

So, seems like I've been putting this post off for way to long now, but here I sit with some free time and this drug grinding at my mind.

METH!!! or should I say...

ice", "crystal meth", "crank", "glass", "nazi dope", "shabu"

I never fully understood this drug, seems like it came into my life a while back, but with little concern or alarm. I'm not sure if this is because I was just to young and naive to see the damaging effects from it or if it wasn't as big as it is now. The way I'm writing this probably sounds a little confusing, so let me say, I've never done, will never do it, and next to crack I think it's one of the worst drugs EVER!!!

In case you don't know, I run around in the Chicago underground rave scene, I'm a dancer, MC, promoter, and obnoxious loud mouthed fuck. I see a lot of drugs and I do my fair share of them. I've never been addicted to any substances and the only substance I've ever abused was alcohol. So I guess I just don't understand how someone can become so easily tainted by a substance.

I'm writing this post to spread awareness through out my scene, to clue people in on the cheap quick high that is meth and what it does to your life. It's disgusting and in the course of the past 4 months I've watched it rot out more then a couple lives of acquaintances I have. To far gone now, not even there best friends can reason with them and I just can't bare to see it happen to anyone else.

If someone you know is afflicted and you don't know what to do I suggest you start at the above link. From there you can troll through the internet to find other solutions. It's sad to see a chemical replace a person and even sadder still to feel like there is nothing you can do about it. Were not as powerless as we let ourselves believe and it just takes some initiative as well as love to help people recover from this ugly substance.

In case you didn't know the damage this drug can do I'm going to post a pic or two that I found while browsing the web. It's like whoa and had I not of seen these effects wash over people through out my scene I would swear it's just the usual drug propaganda being smeared about by the man.

So yeah, that's like 3 months in...I don't really see someone living a full year of Meth use. I mean, I'm sure it can happen, but like what the hell would they look like.

This is a call to arms!!! Stand the fuck up!!! Let's kick this shit out of our scene!!!

The only thing that has been giving me comfort these passing weeks is knowing none of the younger kids that run around our parties are doing this substance. I actually don't know if that is totally true but I don't see it happening and I haven't seen the signs. I will say this, come smoke some weed with me, if you can find some good doses lets trip out together, and if your feeling upset, lonely, whatever...come talk to me about it. Drugs are meant to enhance our lives, not replace them, and even if I don't know you...I probably love you.

We only have eachother and ourselves...sometimes...the machine upstairs doesn't work to well and we don't even have ourselves to rely on. SOOOO PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!

Don't do Meth, help those who do it sober the fuck up, and lets keep our scene a safe and positive one. That is all for now...


  1. Great write up my man!

    Horrible thing that meth is....the worst thing even.

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  3. Nicely Written, Meth needs to go, and I do agree with you on the point that drugs are meant to enhance our lives.

  4. Love em!!!

    I'm not the FDA so I don't force them on anyone. However I've seen the great things they've helped me do in my life. I just don't see this drug doing anything good for anyone in my scene. Well except for the guy dealing it, I'm sure he's doing great!

  5. I want to punch the dealer in the face. If I ever meet him, I will.


    Just another reason...Nice find DOTTY!